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Kilim pillows are one of the essential elements of bohemian interiors. When decorating your home adding a few kilim pillows to any room will instantly change the feeling of the room. If you are wondering how to add warmth to any room or how to decorate a space to give a bohemian look, kilim cushions would be a good answer.

Kilim pillows are made from vintage kilim rugs which are collected from Anatolian villages. First of all, -depending on the condition- the rugs are cleaned by professional kilim rug cleaners and then they are cut into parts. These parts are then used as the front side of kilim pillows.

Each kilim pillow listed in our online shop is made from handmade, unique and authentic kilim rugs. They are carefully selected with an eye on design and overall quality. All these different kilim cushions listed in our shop tell different stories. Each pattern on kilim rugs has a different meaning. Anatolian rugs are handwoven by the women living in Anatolian villages. And the rugs tell the stories of them. Stories in the form of kilim patterns goes from one generation to the next.

As, we are collecting these kilim rugs, give them a new form as kilim pillows and take photos of these treasures to make them available to kilim lovers all around the world!

One of the most important aspects of Kilim Pillows is that these pillows are handmade and one of a kind. So you cannot find exactly the same kilim pillow cover in our shop, even though you may find some pillow covers with similar patterns or colors.

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